Get Help with Auto Maintenance and Repair!


We’ve got a collection of info to help you repair and maintain your vehicles. Our guides help to get you DIY job done, or steer you in the direction of a professional who can help. We tell you what to look for and how to be smart in every aspect of you car, truck or van!

The Top 10 Things You Should Keep In Your Car

It’s always a good idea to get your car in order. Would you have what you needed if your car broke down? Or if you were stranded somewhere? Check out our list of things you should have in your car – then knock on wood that you never need to use them.
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How to Change your Tire

The Best Quick and Easy Steps on How to Change Your Tire

These simple steps will help you change your tires in no time 



If you have a flat tire and it’s punctured, it’s best to have it changed as soon as possible. At that point your tire is useless. It is always important to check your car tire often.  If air is pumped into it, it’ll just leak back out. In order to change your tire, it is best to follow specific steps to ensure that it is done correctly. It may seem difficult at first glance but it’s actually easier than you think. A flat tire can happen at any time so it’s always good to be prepared. You may be on the way to an important event and it happens. Always have the necessary equipment outlined below in the trunk of your car. It’s better to be prepared.

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2017 Least Reliable Cars

chrysler 200

If dependability and reliability is a factor high up on your list in choosing a car to purchase, then the below cars are the ones you should avoid. Our main aim when purchasing a new car that has great reliability. We aim to avoid the need to repair as much as possible. The list of 2017 least reliable cars shows which cars have the lowest dependability. A car is an investment. I’m sure no one likes to be in a car and it suddenly breaks down while we’re driving. If you do decide to purchase these cars, just know your costs will be a bit higher.

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How to Remove the Door Panel for Replacement : 2001 Acura Integra

Door Panel Replacement 2001 Acura Integra

acura integra side acura integra back

When your 2001 Acura Integra’s door panel is damaged, it needs to be repaired or replaced. If it needs to be replaced, the below steps are ideal for you.  The below steps will give you great tips on how to remove the door panel. Sometimes, a simple car door repair can fix the door panel. On the other hand, the issue may be so severe door panel replacement may be the best option for you. By removing the door panel beforehand you can save on costs. Many persons are unaware that by doing simple DIY fixes to your car you can save a whole lot of money. Learning to do these things are key. That’s why we have outlined the tips below.

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